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Our Vision

To utilize the power of the internet for success in personal and collective enterprise.

Our Mission

To avail the resourcefulness of human capital to fashion web tools and services for use, in order to help facilitate individual and organizational profitability and growth.

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How do we do this

We do this by providing functional applications and other web infrastructure equipped with the most effective tools, techniques and technology, and also providing clear guidance on how to properly utilize these tools to achieve optimal results, consequently helping you succeed in your business.

We then help you develop and run campaigns using these websites and supporting web applications, thereby helping you sell your products and services.

We provide a complete package of web tools including websites/apps, cloud hosting (from small to large scale servers with auto scaling and load balancing), digital marketing including marketing campaigns, product launch, email campaigns, social media campaigns and a host of others.

We provide our own super-speed servers for every project we handle. Our servers are set up across several cloud platforms including Google cloud platform, Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba cloud, and a host of others.

Whether you're running a non-profit, a startup, an SME, a fairly large, or actually large organization of any type, we're just the right guys to get you going on the web!

Your IT department

Helping you dominate the web

Come to think of it; what is it that makes what we do at Myllash Web Services particularly necessary for your organization?

Consider how much it would cost to get a dedicated tech team in your organization. If they'll be effective and up to speed, exploring the latest trends and techniques in the field, you'll have to pay for research, give incentives for creativity, train and re-train - because the field is constantly evolving - and do a whole lot of other stuff. This is where we step in. You don't have to go through all that stress!

We will help you manage your web success technicalities leaving you time to do your actual business activities. We have an up to date, efficient, full time and contract teams, as well as interns who we assign your project to get you flying.

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